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Thank you for visiting, a Christian community for faithful living! Our community is centered on the belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior of humanity. We strive to follow His teachings and live our lives in a way that reflects His love and grace.

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GLC is an innovative Christian website dedicated to helping people come closer to God. Our mission is to provide spiritual guidance and support through our vast collection of resources, tools, and content. We believe that faith is the foundation of life and are committed to helping people strengthen their relationship with God.

GLC is a Christian website that aims to help you grow in your faith and follow Jesus Christ. We offer articles, videos, and other resources to inspire and inform you about various aspects of Christian living, such as discipleship, worship, prayer, and social justice. We also share news and stories from a Christian perspective, and we invite you to join our online community of believers. Whether you are new to Christianity or a seasoned follower of Jesus, is here to support you on your spiritual journey.

Our Faith


At God Liberation Cathedral, we believe that accepting Jesus into your life is the most important decision you can make. By accepting Jesus as your savior, you can experience forgiveness for your sins, receive eternal life, and enjoy a personal relationship with God. Through this relationship, you can find purpose, hope, and joy in life, even amidst difficult circumstances.

We understand that accepting Jesus can be a big decision, and we want to support you in your journey. Our community is made up of people from all walks of life who have found hope and transformation through their faith in Jesus. We offer resources, support, and encouragement to help you deepen your relationship with God and grow in your faith.

If you’re curious about Christianity or have questions about Jesus, we invite you to join us at God Liberation Cathedral. We believe that Jesus offers hope and salvation to all who seek Him, and we would love to journey with you in your faith.

Why Sinners Must Surrender to Christ: The Path to Forgiveness and Eternal Life

Christians believe that sin separates us from God and that this separation can only be overcome through faith in Jesus Christ. Sinners, therefore, must surrender their lives to Christ because only through Him can they be forgiven and reconciled with God.

The Bible teaches that all people have sinned and fall short of God’s standard of perfection (Romans 3:23). Sin leads to death, both physical and spiritual, but Jesus offers eternal life through His sacrifice on the cross (Romans 6:23).

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When sinners surrender their lives to Christ, they acknowledge their need for a Savior and believe in Jesus as the Son of God, who died for their sins and rose from the dead (John 3:16). They repent of their sins and turn away from their old way of life, following Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Therefore, through faith in Christ, sinners are reconciled with God and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, who empowers them to live a new life of obedience and service to God (2 Corinthians 5:17). Surrendering to Christ means giving up control of one’s life and allowing Jesus to lead and guide them.

In summary, sinners must surrender their lives to Christ because only through Him can they be forgiven and reconciled with God, receive eternal life, and be empowered to live a new life of obedience and service to God.

Join our Christian community to benefit from our shared online content and grow spiritually, if you’re looking to do so.

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